Rachel Gonzales Designs

About Rachel Gonzales Designs

Hi there- I'm Rachel!   Over the years I have helped many friends with decorating ideas and organizational needs.  It is truly a passion of mine!  I love creating new spaces, finding new potential, and getting to share my ideas with others.  I love helping people find their own design style and showing them how to turn their house into a home.  I like creating with a neutral palate and incorporating pops of color through furniture, decor, or art.  My goal is to create a space that is as warm and welcoming as it is functional.  

I have always loved organizing and I can remember re-arranging the furniture in my bedroom when I was a child.  I enjoy reworking a space with furniture that is already in the home, and pulling items from around the house to create a fresh look.  I purpose to foster a "judgment free zone" when I help organize.  It is important that the client feels safe when you enter their homes and I am here to help you take the first steps towards your goals. 

I enjoy learning all that I can about interior decorating, design and organization.  It is a journey I love being on and I am excited to share it with you!

Photo of Rachel Gonzales