Rachel Gonzales Designs

Our Story

When my husband Dave and I purchased our first home over 13 years ago, we were starting our family and excited to be first time homeowners.  The home was a cute little fixer upper with a lot of potential and a lot more work than we originally thought. We remodeled the home ourselves, room by room. 

We both say that we learned a lot during the course of the remodel, and through a lot of trial and error it did become a home that we both loved.  We had lived there about 5 years before I really became interested in decorating.  At the time, I had the mindset that "we will not be here very long" so why bother really decorating?  But, with the encouragement of friends and the inspiration of many decorating blogs, I finally got the courage to try some new things in our home. 

I had always considered myself "un-crafty",  but it wasn't until I began making small changes in our home that I found a love for design.  From this point on, interior design became a passion of mine.  I  began picking out decor, painting rooms, refurbishing furniture and crafting wreaths.  I began looking at listings of homes for sale as a hobby.  Not because I was looking to buy, but because I like to see the different styles of homes and how they are decorated.

We bought our current home, a 1930's Norman Revival craftsman home in 2012.  The majority of the home was preserved in it's original state, with a few changes made decades earlier.  We could see the potential and fell in love with the character of the home.  Once again we began remodeling one room at time. 

Luckily, Dave is incredibly handy with almost everything that has to do with construction.  We are so thankful for the friends and family that have jumped in to help along the way.  My job is designing the layout and design of the rooms, as well as researching furniture and decor.  I also have the fun job of putting all the finishing touches in each of the rooms.  We are nearing the end of the major projects and we love the home it has become.



Photo of Rachel Gonzales