Rachel Gonzales Designs


After we moved last year, Rachel helped take what I had in my previous house and rearrange and place it in my new house.  She has an eye for placement and the ability to make a space look great.  She was just what I needed to help my new space feel like home.

Lisa Woodlee

I was extremely happy that Rachel looked at my house differently than I did.  When you have someone come into your house, you are opening up your life to them and she saw perspective and potential for what it could be. I felt relieved and trusted her judgement.  She was able to ask questions and give options for what to do with the items we were going through.

Val Crosswhite

Rachel possesses a natural talent and a sharp eye for organization and design.  She brings function and beauty uniquely to each client's personality style and taste.  She has personally helped me find my "voice" in home decor and taught me to bring the things I love together in a way that complements my space and lifestyle.  At the risk of sounding cliche, Rachel truly has a gift of turning a house into a home.

Leigh-Ann Hamman

I had Rachel come to my home for a walk-through consultation.  She suggested ideas I never in a million years would have thought of.  She gave me encouragement to try the looks I really wanted.  Every room she helped me with has turned out amazing!  I have also had her help me organize a really overwhelming project.  What I couldn't seem to face on my own, we knocked out together in just a few hours- and we had fun.  Rachel not only has a great eye for design, she has an easygoing personality and a great sense of humor! 

Lisa Holmgren
Photo of Rachel Gonzales